“From Digital Trash to Social Gold” documentary is an award winner at the Vegas Movie Awards in the “Best Inspirational film – Award of Prestige ” category, August 2021 edition

Covid-19 required students to learn from home but many did not have access to a computer and the Internet.

In March 2020, TOP (Technology Of Peace) movement initiated a pilot in Israel:

Companies and individuals are donating computers and additional equipment (monitors, keyboards…)

Technical teams from 3 different schools recycled the computers and set up customized Linux distro light enough that old computers with only 1Gb RAM can run it

100s of computers were offered to families and children in need, in exchange for volunteering hours to their community



The community around the school becomes more active and all pupils are now remotely connected to their schools


“Needy” people are no longer a burden, they become leaders.

“Trash” is no longer trash but has value.


There is no need to throw away computers that impact the environment.


Reducing digital & social gaps