Food upcycling is an innovative, food sustainability effort aimed at using every part of a food item. In general, food upcycling helps people discover a whole new world of plants and their beneficial parts that were previously considered waste or weeds


n March and April of 2018, the first food upcycling training was taught in Nairobi. With food upcycling having such a huge impact on the environment and bringing in uses to what most would see as “trash,” the avocado upcycling came to fruition through Food Upcycling Expert Evans Iro.


Being one of the most prominent fruits and exports in Kenya, it is highly sought out. With many consumers enjoying its delicious fruit, the rest of the avocado is seen as “trash” and thrown out.

As it was Mr. Iro’s final project for his food upcycling certification, he found innovative and sustainable ways to use the ripe avocado fruit and seed, which are taught as a part of the T.O.P. Kenya Food Upcycling curriculum.

He found ways in which we could use food items that would normally be discarded because they were not edible, such as blackened avocados and banana peels, to perform everyday tasks around the home.