The TOP Shamba project applies the principles and goals of TOP to local farming.

By encouraging local communities, schools, and families to produce their own fruits and vegetables, TOP Shamba allows community members to tap their potential while transforming their problems. This initiative grants people the opportunity to solve food insecurity in the community, while producing healthy foods that will increase their immune system and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

It also provides individuals a way to make extra income. For any produce that is not consumed by the family, school or community can be sold to others, allowing for a more financially secure life. In addition to providing the seedlings to community members for them to grow their own food, this project also gives people the knowledge necessary to grow fruits and vegetables successfully.

For example, if a school or family attempts to grow food without having a fence surrounding the area where the seedlings are planted, then there is a high risk of the plants being eaten or destroyed by animals.

This type of knowledge is necessary for the project to be successfully implemented and it is in the act of sharing knowledge that community members can truly tap their potential and transform their hardships into opportunities.

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