KWEN (Kenyon Wenditai Empowerment Network ) NGO is based in Bomet County. It’s vision to have an empowered society and a mission to empower the society Holistically. KWEN is one of the founding organizations of TOP Kenya.

Kwen started in 2014 to promote women empowerment through Table Banking,Education for sustainable development, agriculture and to provide a forum to discuss health,sanitation and Gender issues.

Kwen now has 200 women groups who are financially more independent than when we started. We have successfully helped women to do dairy farming where they have enough milk for their families and also for income, profitable poultry projects, and also horticulture. We also have women who trade in tea and coffee.

Angela Lisan and Lily Ronoh present this amazing story that is taking place in one of the poorest area of Kenya:


1. Great women group

The women group started in 2014 with table banking being their main activity .It consists of 15 members

Each member started with savings of ksh 100.

The group now has Total revolving fund of 310,500

In 2018 the group decided to start dairy farming. They bought one cow.

Their business has since grown and now they have 4 cows.

Each cow produces average of 6 liters per day.

Feedback from Rebby Laboso:

I am grateful to KWEN Organization for empowering us. Am a retired teacher, table banking and dairy farming have been my main financial activities. In our group we have managed to issue highest amount of loan to a member of ksh. 150,000

2. Shunem women group

The group is located in Bomet county Township ward, Raiya village

The group started in 2014

It has 26 members

Table banking is their main activity

They started with Total Revolving fund of ksh3120

Today they have Total revolving fund of 430,072

After a successful growth of table banking, the group started bead making business.

All members were taught how to make beads and now they sell the products as a group.

The products include handbags, earrings, key holders, flowers, flower vases, purses, table marts etc.

Feedback from Caroline ruto: We received empowerment from KWEN and has changed every one’s home and their source of income.

95% of our group members used to brew alcohol. They all left the business after they were trained.

I have been able to get a loan of ksh 200,000 from the table banking.

3. Cheswerta Women Group

The group is located in bomet county kimulot ward

It started on 7/8/2018 after they were trained about table banking by KWEN.

It consists of 12 members

Table banking is their main activity.

They started with total revolving fund of ksh 1205

Their current Total revolving fund is ksh 89,085.

They bought a cow as a group that now produces 7 litres of milk per day.

They sell the milk to neighbors

Zephaniah Towet (secretary):

I thank KWEN for reaching out to us.I have been able to borrow a loan of ksh 30,000 from the group that enabled me pay school fees for my child.

4. Kisabei Masyemui women Group

The group is in Bomet county, Mogogosiek ward

The group started in February 2019

It has membership of 11 members

Table banking is their main group activity

They started with Total Revolving Fund of ksh 2605

Their current Total Revolving fund is ksh 199,870

They have been able to invest money they have in table banking on purchasing a cow worth ksh 45,000

The cow now produces 10 litres in a day.

Neighbors are their main customers.

Feedback from Decla Cheluget:

The neighbors envy us as a group because we have worked hard and managed to grow our group. I borrowed 30,000 from the group that I used to expand my retail shop and pay school fee for my child.

Next level – Beyond Bomet

  • Improvements of productivity through partnerships especially In Dairy sector
  • Improving the Coffee yields per tree
  • Development of Kitchen Garden in everything home to improve food sustainability and nutrition