Next TOP eXperience around coffee Summer 2024


TOP Global and TOP Kenya are pleased to invite you to join a small group of persons for 6 days of TOP eXperience in Kenya Why is it called TOP eXperience? During this tour, you will: Learn about tea and coffee industry from #farm to #cup by meeting involved parties from the old way and the new ecosystem being put in place with TOP Coffee support Learn about conservation activities including the Owl project and other unique birds that face extinction Meet with local entrepreneurs and experts in technology, upcycling, permaculture, medicinal herbs and more Encounter groups of women who have [...]

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From industry 4.0 to industry 4.all


Philippe Scheimann, co-creator of TOP Global, gave a presentation at the Global Forum Think Tank Conference in October 2019. Here is a short summary:What if we could influence the way coffee is traded?Everyone is crazy about coffee, everyone has an idea about what to drink and how to drink their favorite coffee. Let’s take a look at the coffee industry from work currently made in Kenya with local NGOs and businesses.Coffee Industry 4.0 states that all the systems are interconnected for the benefit of the customer. However, there is a tendency to consider the coffee as the raw material and to [...]

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Launch of TOP eXperience Be inspired by remarkable people. Be part of the change


TOP Kenya and TOP Global have launched TOP eXperience and organized several times a tour of Kenya: A tour of Kenya A trip to Kenya, situated on the equator, offers a wealth of opportunities and is a perfect platform for an unforgettable, inspiring adventure.It’s a combination of a fascinating safari, breathtaking vistas, and encounters with remarkable local people.Between the East Indian Ocean coast and Lake Victoria in the west, with our professional staff and local guides, you will meet the people and organizations creating local, sustainable solutions to overcome poverty, disease, water pollution, and other existential challenges and experience their initiatives [...]

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TOP Global at The Global Forum 2017 in Winnipeg, Canada


Eyal Bloch and Philippe Scheimann, co-founders of TOP Global, went on a 10 day trip to the US and Canada meeting remarkable organizations and people interested to learn about TOP and willing to collaborate.Last 3 days they were at the Think Tank Global Forum Conference where they gave a talk on the digitalization of health in Africa, participated to a start-up competition and replaced the CEO of GoIP for presenting the project of a caller center for farmers during the eAgriculture session.

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Presentation of YARD


During the 1st connectedness and leadership course by Sebastian Tabitha Nyakio Tene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1J_7_Ooy0w

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A few lines about TOP Global trainers


Along with TOP Kenya founding members and TOP global founders, in February 2018 we had trainers and speakers coming all the way from France, Israel and the USA Emma Aime TOP global expert, Founder of Dragon fly NGO, specializes in Health and beauty care in harmony with nature. Coach in diet and food security. Mr. Ran Levy - Yamamori is a writer, illustrator, publisher of children's books of environmental education, and also a producer of films around the world. Yaniv Fieldust Founder and Manager of The Solar Garden sustainability education center, environmental activist and green wall expert. Elisabeth Sperling - Educator, coach at the Rao Institute [...]

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