KWEN (Kenyon Wenditai Empowerment Network ) NGO was initiated by Lili Ronoh  and Angela Lesan in 2016. KWEN helps women by enabling them to achieve financial security and livelihood sustainability through table banking, and by empowering them to speak up about abuse and personal health. Each woman contributes what they can and borrows from the group to help support their livelihoods and businesses. When they pay back the loan with interest, the pool grows. 


Kwen’s way is to encourage a woman or a group of women to invest 100 KSH ( $ 1 ) to start their business mostly in farming and agriculture  and grow slowly and organically by selling and buying. Kwen helps the women with mentoring, monitoring and granting small loans. Started in 2016 Kwnen is helping now 200 groups of 20 women each  and the total turnover is close to $ 200,000 

– 200 groups of 20 women use KWEN principles for jobs creation and food security

– Groups started with no external funds table banking with $20 and pools vary now from $ 2,000 up to $10,000 

“Christine moved from producing 5 litres of milk to 100 litres”


Lily Ronoh
Lily RonohKWEN - Women empowerment
Angela Lesan
Angela LesanKWEN - Women empowerment

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